Sat in a room-full of children and parents to teach/learn where the babies come from. There were giggles around the room most times and had fun watching kids have fun. Talked eggs, sperm, uterus, vagina and penis. A classroom environment is a safe and fun place to talk and learn.
I haven’t thought about the day Ada was born in a while. Like the pregnancy, the birth was pretty involving, too. So last night was an opportunity to reflect on the day she arrived.
When we came home there were few questions on a piece of paper to discuss with the family. One was;
“When my family first saw me, their reaction was………..”
I said to Ada “I was relieved and exhausted and Daddy was crying”. She asked me why he was crying and I said: “He was just happy.” Bilgin’s memory was clearer; “I cried for Mummy.” he said. “She went through so much and finally you were here. I was so happy for her.”
The egg and the sperm needed some support from the professionals in this instance, but what a beautiful child we ended up with.