I’ve gone off posting for my blog. The minute that it felt I was about to post for the sake of posting, it felt wrong. I stopped. My last post was quite a while back. I feel I lack discipline for the commitments I’d like to make. For example, I’d like to write, not necessarily for my website or business but writing in general. Writing about the way I wake up in the morning, about the coffee I drink, the screaming goes around the house when kids give me their daily tantrums and much more. Basically daily, nightly, annually shit that I’d like to write about without taking myself too seriously. Until I read the book “Daily Rituals: How Artists Work” by Mason Currey, I thought all you need is some talent and inspiration to keep on writing. But unfortunately, it turned out every single committed writer or artist had discipline and persistence. Not many could walk to walk with just some raw talent. I do have a little talent for writing  -although it shows itself much more in my mother language-  and I do get inspiration but usually in my head, in an empty space floating around. Me not walking the walk will purely be attached to my lack of discipline. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t even dream to be a famous writer but I would like to leave a written document of my childhood and my family to my children for one day to read. Ada, one day might like to travel to my little village in the east of Turkey and walk the streets to imagine the stories she just read in the book. Kaan might say “Oh mummy, is this for real?”. What I’m saying is that if I commit myself to my blog on regular basis, it might polish my skills to start writing the draft on the side. So if I keep persisting, my blog won’t necessarily be about photography, pure happiness, business, promotions –which actually never was but just saying- it’ll be about anything that I feel on the day. I won’t plan or schedule posts. I’ll get up a little early or sleep a little late and just write something. It might be full of shit or full of surprises but it’ll be something.