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I am poetic. I am a romantic. I am emotionally attracted to your special moments.
Sevim Dogan Ozkan

Our streets

Had a terrible urge to walk the streets of Melbourne today. The winter light was shining all over, causing the craving. I’m usually in a car driving myself but had the luxury of being the guest in someone else’s car. This city is amazingly beautiful and its beauty is so characteristic to each…

Summer nostalgia

Summer is long gone. It’s been freezing cold and it’s only June. While family and friends will be posting endless summer pictures from the Mediterranean, I better find ways to warm up into the reality of the crisp cold air. Last summer was a delightful journey. I had the privilege of walking into…

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I am open to all kinds of interesting projects and am quite flexible on the kinds of jobs I can take on. So feel free to get in touch!