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I am poetic. I am a romantic. I am emotionally attracted to your special moments.
Sevim Dogan Ozkan

Hidden in the ordinary

Our ordinary lives, indeed not so ordinary. No one to blame, but my year around 2016 has been one big chaos. I may have tried to create a hero out of myself by committing to so much and in the meantime trying be the good mum, good housekeeper and be creative along the…

Meeting Naomi was very special. The shine in her eyes, the calmness in her aura was magical. She felt the day was all set out for her and she embraced it. Her little personality jumped out in every expression. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her tiny fingers holding onto a little…

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I am open to all kinds of interesting projects and am quite flexible on the kinds of jobs I can take on. So feel free to get in touch!