I was talking to a friend yesterday where the Turkish word “balli” came into context. She is Indian but “balli” just described her circumstances. I said, “you bitch, you are so balli”. I’ve met few balli people in my life. There was another friend in London, a Turkish girl born in Greece full of positive energy. The word “balli” in its literal translation means ‘honey coated’ ‘honey rubbed all over it’. What we mean by that is people with full of luck in every direction. My friend in London for example, she would resign from her job and the person she meets at a café would offer her a job the same day. She would miss the train and but would show up a plane. Yes, that was a joke but it’s almost true. I guess the positive energy you carry in you, does help but goodness, I’ve got some, too. I’m one of you, have to work for her luck. No complaints, I’ve gotten really good at that. Things don’t come to me. I make them happen. The only time I feel some honey rubbed all over me is when my children race to squeeze my neck with their cuddles.

Not related but I really like this, taken from the book called On Being A Photographer.
” There is a modern myth of the creative artist whose genius only shines when allowed full freedom from all constraints. In fact, the opposite seems true: a tight brief channels the otherwise free-flowing talent into a concentrated effort.”