It’s our twelfth wedding anniversary today. We managed to have a little morning walk to one of the local cafes for breakfast. The sun was shining. All the colours were jumping out of their skin. I had two things running through my mind. First, is the song Gravedigger by Dave Matthews. When we get back home I want to play it out loud and dance through it, eyes closed. Second is this article I read last night before I fall asleep. The song has stuck in my head because I met this girl last night whose boyfriend is a grave digger. I just love this song so very much, it pains me each time with a massive pleasure.


But today it’s all about the article I read last night. I couldn’t stop thinking about since. This is a simple summary of what Winston Chen did with his family;
Many people dream of the ultimate escape: throwing all the baggage of civilization away and taking off to live on a remote island. But few people—particularly professional couples with young kids—actually go through with it. And yet, that’s just what my family did: we left Boston, and my reliable job at a software company, to go live on a tiny island north of the Arctic Circle for a year, unsure of what exactly we’d do there or what we would face upon our return.

I imagined where I would take my family. Where we would be not rushing from one activity to another. Where I can give my daughter the whole time in the world to get herself ready. Where I can leave my son on the ground and just watch him bum shuffle himself from sunrise to sunset, every day. I imagined we had a small fishing boat where we would watch the sunset every afternoon. I would grow couple of tomato plants, buy the milk from one of the local families, bake my own bread. I imagined catching a local bus to the town for some shopping and chatting to the villagers on the way. I imagined being free of a long ‘To do list’…I imagined a small village in the west coast of Turkey facing the torquaz of the Agean Sea. I imagined, 2015 would be the ideal year, just before Ada starts school. Bilgin has got some long service leave in hand and I can do a photography book on this ‘imaginary’ small village. It’s a bonus that while it’s winter here, we can enjoy a nice long summer in Turkey.

Will keep dreaming…will keep dreaming until I make it happen.