Four years ago, one night in the class, I was sitting next to a girl and it happened that she had decided to defer her study. When I asked why, she said that she had a young baby and her studies were stealing too much time off him. At the time, in my little brain I thought I understood what she meant but how would I now? I hadn’t have any children. In the last couple of weeks while trying to get through my work, my studies and my household duties, my children have watched more TV than the entire year. I could see Ada’s bored face and Kaan bum shuffling my way trying to get my attention. I look at him, give him a quick big smile and back to the computer. I haven’t cooked my ‘delicious’ food for a while either. It’s not that they are eating junk but I am a good cook in a very adventerous way. I remind myself that how much Ada likes plain spagetti and move onto the next subject to worry about.

When I decided to go back to the study last January, Bilgin asked me and insisted that I should wait for another year, reminding me that our children are still small but I couldn’t. My mind was set and I thought it was time to talk about something else other than nappies and babies. So here I am completing the first term of my third year studies with a lot of mental satisfaction but a drained body is following up. Most nights with a broken sleep but you just get up and go. I’m glad both the project that I chose for my folio was successful and satisfying. Had a very good experience photographing the food at the Point and a massive personal achievement with the Migrant Mothers of Australia.

I don’t have the answer for why we do what we do but it seems like each of our journies have got their own reasoning. I have a restless soul. I’m made to be on the run and if my run is returning something back to my way somehow, I guess that’ll reflect on my children too. I salute those parents that work full time and live with activity packed weekends. They perhaps missed the first step of their children. You just do what you have to do. Unfortunately our modern living is evolving around a big rush and fortunately we as people have strong life skills to adapt to that.