Hanging onto the crumbs. How quickly things get replaced and you move on. What an amazing ability we humans have. Our eight-week long holiday seems like a distant memory already. It’s almost an utopic picture that I walked on the shore with mum and we talked about past and memories. There are not many things around the house to remind me of it, either. Have to print some pictures and scatter them on the walls.

People don’t drink apple tea in Turkey, yet the visitors get sucked into buying it as a souvenir. I bought these colourful, hand painted bowls and my kids have their cereals in them every morning. People in Turkey, don’t use these bowls for anything that I can recall. Yet here I am, using them to remember the warmth of the summer days. Cold days are not for me. Not in this world, not in the next. Any crumbs to hang on to for a little dream land.