At the supermarket today, I lined up behind a gentleman. I tend to go through the self-check out. I like doing my own things, in my own time. As soon as someone lines up behind me though, I start panicking and rushing. Kaan’s usual plays become annoying and I keep telling him to get out of the way. Sundays are usually busy at the local store. This specific gentleman was the most considerate man ever, I felt bad for him because I saw my own panic in him. He had a big shopping and constantly turned back to me to apologize to keep me waiting. It was not one time, two times, three times. It was almost as many times the number of products he scanned. He felt sorry for me that I had a young child with me, too. Thankfully, unusually Kaan was in a fun mood and happy to cooperate. The gentleman apologized again and then again and then initiated some conversation. I was grateful for his politeness but shit man, just move on. I said it’s OK, so many times, don’t make me say it again. It really is OK. Even my son is OK with that. Just scan your things and go. This lady had enough with your “gentleness-ness”.