I’ve been very slow on social media. I felt I needed some slow time. It’s been a while since the last post and my daughter is always an inspiration. I can write on her every day but I hold back. This is a letter I wrote to her recently, on her 7th birthday.

To: Ada

When the weather is hot and it starts to rain, I get butterflies in my tummy. I think of you, just you. Holding your hands, dancing in the rain and smelling the rain in your hair. I close my eyes, I hear your giggles. I open my eyes, I see your dimples. I dream of us being on a sandy beach. The warm sand tickling our feet. We touch the waves, we chase the waves. We get tired and lie down. We watch the endlessly blue sky. Your little fingers in my hand. I squeeze them all the way to my heart. In my head, the name of love is Ada. You’re the love itself. I have never felt it as deeply as in your presence. Seeing tears running through your cheeks, I want to bottle them away. I want to tell you I’m never too far. I want you to feel me on the tips of your fingers, in the breeze on your hair. I’m wherever you are, always will be. You’re my unique, beautiful, kind and thoughtful friend.┬áIt’s your 7th. You’ve thought me so much. I hope, you never let the weight of life take away the joy of little things you find around you. Thank you for being here.

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