I recently did a photography and video project in a farm in the beautiful Macedon Ranges. I went for a drive one day trying to locate something to shoot, and let me tell you you’re never short of beauty over there. It was a terribly rainy day and couldn’t really take many pictures. On the side of a road, I saw three women working on a bonfire, rain pouring and a dog watching all that happening. I pulled the car to say hello. There started my friendship with Gale, the magic farmer. One amazing woman and I have to spare a post just for her another time. She invited me to her farm. I went back on another day and my whole self got lost in the vastness of this isolated space. During my interview with her, she said her biggest worry in the country is the amount of rainfall. She said the first thing she does every morning is to go and check the rain gauge and she records the numbers. She’s been doing this for the whole nineteen years she’s been in the farm.

So last night after a heavy rainfall here in Melbourne, I visited my little backyard this morning. Everything was alive. Green was shining luminous. Here are a few pictures and my kids staring at me from the window trying to work out what I’m doing outside in the cold morning.

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