Getting close to the end of another year. There were times I said I just want this year to be over. There were times I wanted time to freeze. I love summer and it’s full swing here. I stood at the backyard the other day, in full rain coming down on a warm day. I closed my eyes and could hear my kids chattering around with our new puppy. I thought, I’m in a pretty good place despite some worries here and there. And that’s life and that’s me. Life will keep rolling and I’ll find things to worry about. When standing in the rain the other day, I imagined it washed all my worries down and my shoulders kept getting lighter and lighter. Nothing mattered much. I felt I have a very strong grounding in life, like many parents would feel with the sound of their children. Ada had a wonderful year at school, in Prep this year. Kaan’s finishing the year with a wonderful recovery from a surgery. Bilgin and I keep bouncing our modern rush and tiredness of each other but even that doesn’t matter much with the music coming through the sound of our children.

I’ve had a wonderful year photographing many kids. I focused on this and my passion came through in every single photograph I took. One mum said she almost cried when she saw the photos of her children. Another mum said she’d been struggling to have her daughter’s real personality to be captured. She wanted to send a picture of her to her mum living overseas whom the little girl has never met in person.

Here are a few snaps from this year…More to come on our new website launching early next year.

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