I’ve heard a lot about mums turning into photographers once they have children. My journey with photography has started before the children, at a time we even questioned if we were able to have children or not. A lot of commitment has gone into our both pregnancies both emotionally and financially. I could’ve basically lived at Melbourne IVF at the time. But our children did arrive. Both myself and my husband forgot about the rocky journey pretty quickly. Our lives together started making sense. Our being has found its most profound reasoning for its existence.

So yes, I now understand why women photographers would want to photograph kids. It’s like in the current receiving senses, you connect with them the best, they relax with you knowing you are a mother. Having young children yourself, you know their developmental stages, tantrums, emotions, show off’s, shyness at times. I see my daughter’s school friends around. Their differences are the most precious thing. I thought I was going to teach my children but I find I’ve been thought more by them. And with all this richness that come from being a mother, why wouldn’t I combine my photography skills? It’s like the perfect marriage. I love it, I enjoy it. I take wonderful photographs of them and I want to do more of it. I want to tell stories to parents of their own children. Stories that they treasure and stories that they forget seeing at times.