The wedding of this beautiful couple has given me the opportunity to spend a day in scenic Marysville. It was topped up with a beautiful weather.
I was in my element surrounded with delightful people and wonderful scenery. On the way home, I felt like I just walked out of a meditation session.
Here are some of the photos.

123644-_MG_0618 123504-_MG_0613 122436-_MG_0605 124100-_MG_0441 124518-_MG_0450 131046-_MG_0471 131326-_MG_0476 132640-_MG_0660 132725-_MG_0663 133142-_MG_0677 133504-_MG_0483 135335-_MG_0721 142131-_MG_0788 142345-_MG_0796 143241-_MG_0842 144602-_MG_0932 145353-_MG_0944 150612-_MG_0968 152817-_MG_1048 155906-_MG_1071 160126-_MG_1078 160513-_MG_1083 160534-_MG_1084 160833-_MG_1091 161219-_MG_1103 161339-_MG_1114 162729-_MG_1132 162819-_MG_1134 162857-_MG_1136 163357-_MG_1137 164006-_MG_1145 164027-_MG_1149 164133-_MG_1158 164605-_MG_1177 164658-_MG_1183 164703-_MG_1186 165115-_MG_1193 165229-_MG_1202 165259-_MG_1204 170058-_MG_1222 170516-_MG_1233 170534-_MG_1237 170550-_MG_1239 170619-_MG_1248 171125-_MG_1252 172131-_MG_1276 173005-_MG_1141 173129-_MG_1148 173309-_MG_1156 173330-_MG_1157 173831-_MG_1174 173941-_MG_1188 174134-_MG_1198