Kaan’s very capable of creating designs around the house. Late this afternoon while he was onto this, I had to rush to the door as Ada -without my permission- opened the door to some marketing guys. While the guys trying to see my electricity bill to save me money, I heard this earth shuttering noise from the kitchen. I tell the guy that I gotta go but he says he’ll wait. I shut the door take Kaan away from the mess and yell at Ada for opening the door without my knowledge, I see the guys still standing outside the door. I open the door real angry and say I’m not interested. And he says he’ll come back in half an hour and I say ‘no, don’t come back’. I’m really pissed off with myself that I didn’t advice Ada properly not to open the door but hardly ever anyone that we don’t know would open the garden gate and would come to the front door. I yell at the guy for not ringing the bell on the outside gate but he says he did. I didn’t hear it. Why the f..k would you open the gate and come to the front door if I didn’t answer the bell!

What I am grateful for is Kaan messing the kitchen up. It gave me the reason to yell at this guys which otherwise I would be more polite and keep the words to myself.
And if anyone questioning the kids safety in my kitchen:) dangerous cupboards are locked and I only let him stay with this one because I was washing and cooking and had no intention to running to the door.