Different cultures around the world deal with their elderly in different ways and both has its own pros and cons. In the western society, the governments are better equipped and the systems are put in place to have a safety net where the developing and poor nations leave this job to the families. And in those cultures, this would be a custom rule to take care of your own. You would look after your parents until the day they are no longer there.

I’ve had the privilege to be working on a photography project with AMCS for their upcoming conference day on Volunteering. AMCS’ Volunteer program basically connects those in need of company with the volunteers from the same backgrounds which eliminates the language barriers. I have photographed some of their elderly clients and those that in need of some extra company. I’ve discovered why volunteering is so very important in our modern society and how easily people can feel isolated. Volunteering is an immensely rewarding commitment and I’ve seen it on those volunteers’ faces.
I’m going to post few images here soon but until then think about if you have an extra hour to dedicate it to someone whom would benefit from your company.