There’s something meditational in spending the time with likeminded people. You effortlessly speak the same language and you are sure they hear you. A lot of the times you don’t even need to spend much time trying to get to know each other. It just happens.

I had the pleasure of spending the morning with a Melbourne based food stylist; wonderful Helen Semmler. A very creative woman surrounded with some very creative family members. Helen’s backyard is a natural light paradise for a photographer and the kitchen facing directly into this wonderful space is like a marriage made in heaven.

I worked with Helen on couple of different occasions and I enjoyed her company immensely. She creates her own recipes and currently working on building a new website which she’ll be writing a blog. I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

I’ve quickly selected few of the images from yesterday morning. They look great and they tasted just divine.

_MG_2672 _MG_2689 _MG_2571 _MG_2608 _MG_2613 _MG_2637 _MG_2651