I’ve always found it interesting and inspiring to watch other photographers in action. No matter what the final product is, everyone has their own unique way of creativity. The business of photography is ever evolving at many levels, but there are some basic personal attributes at the photographer’s end which are vital and makes the client to choose that person instead of the other. And to me, that is the “connection” you establish with the photographer. That’s when you let your guard down in front of the lens to be and act who you really are. And that is the success of the photographer.

I had the pleasure of spending the day with Nick Ghionis from Xsight Photography last Saturday. He is one of the most established wedding photographers in Melbourne and his work is internationally recognised.
On this occasion, I watched Nick with pure attention and observed how he interacts with his client on the day and how his creative process works. I met him at few different occasions in the past and he’s a pretty open guy, easy to talk to.
As much for his creative work, I believe Nick’s personality-being kind, entertaining and down to earth-would make his clients to choose him over someone else. I asked Nick questions about his business and talked about mine.
I found his sincere presence during the entire event astounding and I very much relate to that. After more than twenty years in the business, I could tell he still lives in the joy of the moment alongside the bride and groom. A beautiful, fun couple last Saturday, it was wonderful to witness Nick turning every scene into a spectacular photograph. I can imagine how hard it’ll be for the couple to choose the final photographs for their album.

In the last couple of years Nick has found himself in a new adventure; The Darkroom is a cafe/restaurant based in Fairfield. Having worked in hospitality myself for many many years, I also share this passion with him. Up until a few years ago, opening up a niche restaurant with the walls covered with black and white photographs was a dream I kept alive but since having children, I don’t think it’s the most family/mother friendly business to be in but you never know what the future brings…