It is hot. The sand is burning your feet. You jump into the water to cool down and back out again. The haze of the hot weather is moving in the distance. There’s the Mediterranean all the way.

My husband is in a very happy place here. He’s got some beautiful memories from this town, romantic stories with the girls visiting from the European countries. His mum’s little shop is just behind the beach so when we get too hot, too tired from the heat we take refuge there with a nice cold drink. There’s even a tiny shower in there.

Ada’s extremely happy here. She’s right in her element. So much to explore and play with. She’s ecstatic to be surrounded with so many loving people. My mother isn’t leaving her alone for one tiny second. At her nap time, mum goes and lies down next to her. When I go into the room I find them sleeping face to face. Their breathing is so harmonious, it’s almost something “holly”.

Such a luxury to have my mum around. Bilgin and I go out for long walks. We go, visit friends without worrying about Ada. I know and I’m scared when we returned home, it’ll take a while to go back to our routine life without family and the Mediterranean sun. Kaan hasn’t been here yet. He’ll love it. It’s something else, to imagine him in this place. He’s a quiet boy but very clear to show you who he is. He’s thirteen months today. Ada was exactly that at her first visit to Alanya. I still remember her happy face, glass shiny eyes. Kaan will have to wait at least another year before we’ll plan a visit. But one can always IMAGINE. There’s no end to that.

Here at home today, it is Sunday. I’m sick in bed. Couldn’t open my eyes all day. Missed the children. Lucky, Bilgin was home. The Mediterranean sun isn’t here, mum isn’t here either.
Ada made a drawing for me and put it on my pillow.

I’ll imagine I’m better tomorrow. Will play some music from home and relax into it.