Migrant Mothers have started with this woman a few months ago when I walked into her isolated home in an inner suburb of Melbourne.
This was my second visit to her, the last one was being more than ten years ago. Upon walking out, I told a friend that this house should be under preservation for Italian culture in Australia. Museo Italiano is actually one of the places I have in mind for a later on exhibition of this work.
When in there, I could clearly imagine the young Italian girl just getting off the ship at the docs. I could imagine her shy, fragile self that later on got engraved into this house at every inch.
When I was photographing her, I could tell she was shy from my camera but equally happy to have my attention or in fact ‘someone’s. The intention of giving a little attention to these isolated generation is what got
me started with this project. Migrating to Australia as a first generation myself, I share and feel the emotional roller coaster that some of these women went through and I would like to pay my respect to their brave and soul searching
adventures with these photographs…