It’s Bilgin’s birthday today. We don’t usually make a big fuss about birthdays but since having children, it’s a completely different story. Ada was so excited watching her daddy opening his present. He very well knew what was inside, but of course, Ada didn’t need to know that 🙂

I am, though, going to make a big deal out of this occasion so as to celebrate my first post dedicating it to my best friend. He silently and quietly has made me a better person over the years.
He’s got this passion for what he loves that you start thinking how could you imagine him without. Anyone who knows Bilgin well, they know he loves his coffee, his music and his movies.
He’s taught me to actually hear the music, see the movies in their real art form. I have discovered the “light” with him and with that came photography. The most patient, the most understanding and calm person I’ve ever met. Happy birthday to my husband, best friend and the best father my children could possibly have.

Still though, I am who I am and will continue bitching about his shopping and cooking skills at every given opportunity. Maybe a cooking lesson can be his next birthday present if he stops ordering them himself…I love you.

This is us more than ten years ago when I decided to give the shaved head look a go…it didn’t work out of course (Also, our first visit to Sydney).



I’ll go to the next post now and start shedding few tears about our wedding photos…